28 August 2005

unknown broadcasts

Here are some frequencies I picked up tonight that I was unable to identify through either prime time shortwave or google searches for the frequencies themselves (e.g. "5000 khz"). If you know about any of these frequencies, please let me know.

29 august 2005
0345 UTC: 5925 khz (sounded like French), SIO 333
0350 UTC: 6100 khz (sounded like German), SIO 353
0403 UTC: 7390 khz (sounded like French), SIO 343
0445 UTC: 9735 khz (sounded like German), SIO 555

The 31-meter band was rather inactive tonight. Radio Havana Cuba seemed to be playing last week's broadcast. Their top news story was Cindy Sheehan, whereas one might expect it to be Katrina.


Anonymous said...

this is an anonymous comment.

Anonymous said...

0345 UTC on 5925 khz : Radio France International (in French)

0403 UTC on 7390 khz : Channel Africa (South Africa, in French)

73's !

weatherall said...

Cool, thanks Guyvano!