13 August 2005

need a lift?

Tonight, after about an hour of fruitless shortwave listening, I tried some ssb scanning. I scanned parts of 7000-7500 khz and 11000-11500 khz. Then I picked up a ham conversation on 3818 khz. It went something like this:

person 1: "This guy asked the mechanic to check the tire pressure. Well, the mechanic checked the pressure and it was 32 pounds in each tire. Then the guy said he wanted the car up on the lift to be sure the pressure was exact in all four tires. The guy was a teacher."

person 2: "Teachers and engineers; they're the worst."

person 3: "That's the funny thing about tires. If you add up all four tires, it's 128 pounds of air. I can lift 128 pounds, but I can't lift that car."

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WRG said...

In answer to your question to my blog, I listen mostly to shortwave programs which originate in the U.S., but I also have been listening to China Radio International in the morning sometimes recently. I used to listen to BBC more than any of them, but now I can only bring in their Caribbean programs and even to that region they only beam a couple of hours a day. I continue to be very pleased with my KA 1103