24 September 2013

help id this 1570 khz station

Can anyone listen to this recording of a top-of-the-hour station identification on 1570 kHz? I think I know what it is, but I won't bias you by revealing that upfront.

The recording is not pleasant to listen to due to the weak reception and static. I used a lowpass filter to make it somewhat more tolerable. Anyway, have a listen and let me know what you think.

1570 kHz recording on soundcloud

1570 kHz, recorded in San Francisco from my Eton E5, Sep 24 2013 at 11pm.

[Update, 2013-10-18: "KGTE. 1570, 1570, Salinas California, Salinas California"]


ct1ete said...

I cannot identify the ID but it seems a latin american accent.


Girl Scout Troop 60147 said...

XERF, "La Poderosa" ("The Powerful One". Received it many times from my home in Ventura County.