09 September 2013

fcc member seeks am radio overhaul

Ajit Pai, a member of the US FCC, is hoping to modernize AM broadcasting regulations. I originally saw this story tweeted by Ulis Fleming and Jeff McMahon, and now my local CBS affiliate on AM is interviewing Mr. Pai about the story.

A quest to save AM radio before it's lost in the static

One part of his proposal is that all AM stations use digital broadcasting, purportedly to reduce interference problems. I only own analog AM receivers, and stations broadcasting AM HD are an annoyance for DXing because of the static on adjacent channels.

For the majority of the population, AM radio is not a very attractive option. AM radio struggles to compete with the internet. And it's unlikely that FCC will take the needs of hobbyists into account. Any changes to AM broadcasting regulations will undoubtedly focus on business requirements of broadcasters.

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