01 October 2012

northern finland dxpedition camp for rent

A group of serious DXers have assembled an impressive camp in northern Finland, and set up 12 beverage antennas. They're offering to rent out the camp and help anyone who wants to use it. The page states "We want you to succeed and we'll do everything to make your DXpedition as comfortable and successful as possible."

This remote arctic circle location with very little radio frequency interference promises to put you in touch with nature and provide an ideal environment for AM DX.

Aihkiniemi DX cabin in Lapland for rent

The webpage shows a photo of the cabin exterior, a few interior photos, a Scandinavian map showing the location of Aihkiniemi, a list of the 12 antennas with the direction and target areas for each, a globe with the antennas drawn over them to illustrate the target regions. "The antennas hang 3-5 meters above the ground to prevent reindeer and moose from getting stuck in the wires." However, nature still interferes: "Bears, moose, reindeer and rabbits have all wreaked havoc with our antennas at some point (mostly cutting or damaging the coax cables on the ground)."

Aihkiniemi antenna directions 8/2011. Source: dxing.info

Due to the effort required in getting there, and the chances of DX being affected by a solar storm, they recommend staying at the camp for at least a week. Since the northern location is only practical for long-range reception during the northern hemisphere's winter, snow will be a factor. "In between major snowfalls, there's a shovel under the cabin for your exercise."

I grew up in upstate New York, where I've already had enough winter to last a lifetime. But an expedition to this well-equipped camp could be quite productive and fun for those prepared to make the effort.

The camp's DXing room. Source: dxing.info

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