19 January 2010

outdoor listening checklist

I recently had a portable radio kit with me so I could take a break during a lengthy drive home and spend some time listening to shortwave broadcasts. However, I omitted one critical item from my standard set of items, and paid the price. So, to better prepare myself for future listening sessions away from home, here's my personal checklist of required items:

• Portable receiver
• Two sets of alkaline batteries
• Printed shortwave broadcast schedule
• Log book
• Two ballpoint pens
• Earphones
• Miniature flashlight


lemonacid said...

I also include in such list Tecsun or Sony reel and Degen 31MS active loop antennas :)

David said...

Random wire antenna and head phones are a
must for outdoor listening...

Arius said...

I keep a folding chair in my trunk for field excursions.

Arius said...

I find it easier to have the NASWA excel list on my iphone than a printed list