05 August 2009

numbers station received on 5900 khz

It took me a little over four years, but I finally located a numbers station on one of my radios. I wasn't intentionally searching for such a broadcast at the time; I was just randomly scanning the shortwave band on my diminutive Kaito KA11 radio. The frequency was 5900 kHz, SSB wasn't required, and this took place between 0830-0843 UTC on 04 August 2009.

I believe that I heard the V02 numbers station, which supposedly originates in Cuba. V02 uses a female voice to recite digits in groups of five, with about a two-second pause between the number groups. I listened to some of the YouTube videos described as V02 recordings, and the voice sounds the same as what I heard.

Unfortunately, I tuned in after the beginning of the broadcast, which might have contained the well-known "Atencion" greeting. But I heard the end of the broadcast, which gives me more confidence that I heard V02. In my logbook, I wrote that the broadcast concluded with what sounded like "two nine, two nine" or "goodnight, goodnight". But a YouTube video that's believed to also contain a V02 broadcast contains the same ending as I heard, and is transcribed as "final, final".

The Spooks Newsletter website has a pseudo-schedule for V02, which lists 5898 kHz as a broadcast frequency beginning at 0800 UTC on Tuesdays.

My KA11 was switched off, and I tuned in with my more powerful Eton E5. I captured a video recording of the final minutes of the broadcast. The E5 backlight only stays on for 15 seconds at a time when running on battery power, so the screen is not illuminated continuously in the video.


remlap said...

Congratulations on the first number station catch, V2A can be heard here in the UK at that time to.

Backlit is annoying isn't it :)


John said...

Thanks for the post, friend. I caught the same voice, same pattern, using magnetic loop antenna oriented north-south, 2:30 am tonight. My latitude 39.119, longitude -86.506.

Brian said...

I think heard this at around 2 or 3 est this morning (01/23/10). Suprisingly clear on my portable sony.

Tim said...

Listening to the same station on my Grundig G5 out here in CA at 0833 UTC. Still going for 10min now. I've heard a lot of number stations living in central Asia but this is my first in the USA!