01 August 2009

new grundig radio ordered

I ordered a Grundig G3. Since my Eton E5 has been my main radio for years, I'm eager to get this revision with synchronous detection and the VHF aircraft band. Also, since I arrived to the shortwave hobby after the Yacht Boy era, this will be my first "Grundig"-branded radio. After my G3 arrives, I hope to post my reactions, photos, and comparisons with the Eton E5.

I am surprised at Eton's decision to cancel the E5 / G5 and name this product the Grundig G3, rather than update the G5 and change its name slightly. This new radio could easily be called Grundig G5 with the addition of "Enhanced", "Pro", "Second Edition", etc. I sent email to Eton to ask why the product name was changed, but I received no response.

Also, In case you're looking for a great bargain in a high-quality portable shortwave receiver, Eton E5 radios have been spotted at various online retailers for under $80.


longbch said...

I look forward to your comparison of the G3 to the E5. I have an E5, and it replaced other radios such as the 7600GR and the 909 in my collection. I just like the E5 better because of it's sound, sensitivity, SSB reception, and the lighted keys.

Also, I have an E1, and it is worth having. I got a great deal on mine, just over $200, but I had to send mine back to Drake for repairs. It's my favorite receiver of it's size, and I've had/still have others: 2010, Satellite 800, TransOceanics, etc.


radio timetraveller said...

Also looking forward to your critique of the G3. I needed a replacement for my ailing Kaito 1103, considered a G6 or a G3, then decided to go for the Tecsun PL-600 a week ago from Amazon. It arrived yesterday (8/3/2009) and I'm elated with its performance. I was a little nervous with the complaints of its audio, yes it can be a bit harsh on certain signals, but it really pulls the DX through. Narrow selectivity is very good, nulling is excellent, build quality good. Ergonomics is top-notch. It's a keeper for me.


weatherall said...


That's interesting that you find the Tecsun PL-600 to be a worthy replacement of the Kaito 1103. How old was your 1103, and what happened to it?

weatherall said...


Hmm, for $200, I'd probably pick up an E1 also!

radio timetraveller said...

Hi weatherall:

My Kaito 1103 is about three years old. In the last year it seems to intermittantly go dead on the odd frequencies (811,813,815Khz, for example). Some sort of processor problem, and seemingly associated with AGC overload. A processor reset sometimes cures it, but many times I have to remove the batteries for awhile, then reset. It's been a good radio otherwise. I wanted to update to something newer.

Just completed a review of my new PL-600 which I'll probably post on the ultralight group (I'm using the PL-600 for a spotting receiver), or post it on dxer.ca. Maybe both. I find the PL-600 very close to the 1103 in performance. Sensitivity is just slightly less, but only very slightly.