21 March 2007

ssb on the redsun rp2100/kaito ka2100

A recent comment asked about SSB capability for the Redsun RP2100/Kaito KA2100. The '2100 does not have SSB built in, but includes an IF output jack. It's possible to make or purchase a device that receives the IF output from the radio and decodes it as an SSB signal. An SSB decoding device for the '2100 is available for purchase on eBay.

If any readers have questions or comments about using SSB signals via the '2100, you're welcome to comment here.

1 comment:

Linuxsense said...

I have one of the SSB units for my KA2100...works well...especially since I got it for $18 and not the crazy prices they are selling for now. Not sure its worth $50, but $20 is about right. I have a pic of one over here: http://linuxsense.blogspot.com/