24 March 2007

drm report from winter swl fest

Kim Andrew Elliott posted an article about the DRM exhibit at the recent Winter SWL Fest in Pennsylvania. Here's a quote from the introduction:

A[n] exhibit of Digital Radio Mondiale, the new technology for digital transmission below 30 MHz, has been held at the Fest since 2003. This exhibit features DRM-capable receivers picking up actual DRM transmissions.

At this year’s SWL Fest, March 8 to 10 near Philadelphia, the DRM exhibit expanded to include other forms of digital radio: 1) wi-fi internet radio appliances and 2) HD Radio (IBOC), the U.S. domestic digital radio system.


AM-HDisDead said...

"Sirius, XM, and HD: Consumer interest reality check"

"While interest in satellite radio is diminishing, interest in HD shows no signs of a pulse."


"What kind of digital radio are listeners searching for?"


"HD Radio on the Offense"

"But after an investigation of HD Radio units, the stations playing HD, and the company that owns the technology; and some interviews with the wonks in DC, it looks like HD Radio is a high-level corporate scam, a huge carny shill."


"RW Opinion: Rethinking AM’s future"

"Making AM-HD work well as a long-term investment is seen as an expensive and risky challenge for most stations and their owners. With the bulk of successful AMs airing news, talk and sports, the improved fidelity advantage of HD and stereo seem only marginally attractive. There is the significant downside of potential new interference to some of their own AM analog listeners as well as listeners of adjacent-channel stations."


Anonymous said...

yep, as usual, the best solution is wifi mesh and tcp/ip. especially once we take back the UHF TV bands - or is the FCC planning to bid those out to the usual suspects willing to cough up a few billion for a license?

is there anything in english on shortwave anyways besides shitty Religious crap and CRI? thats all i can find. that and a bunch of spanish news - boring

weatherall said...

Anon: sure there is - see primetimeshortwave.com or eibi.de.vu to get a current schedule.

Pete said...

A solar minimum, like the one we are just (maybe!) emerging from now, can give a very misleading representation of the SW bands. I'm a casual SWL and MW listener and the SW bands seem pretty dead to my Sony 7600. If I had to judge SW, or ham band activity as well, based on the way the bands sound today I might be disappointed too.


So, anonymous, do a little investigation into favorable propagation for your area, and maybe run a little wire antenna, and you should be surprised at how diverse SW band activity is.

I am on the skeptic side when it comes to HDAM. Similarly to the BPL issue, it looks like the spurious emissions are overwhelmingly offensive. Maybe this is a sign of impending mid-life, but I don't see HD as progress.