21 October 2006

tecsun dr-920 is grundig g1100

I have a Tecsun DR-920 around here somewhere... let's see... oh, there it is, between the mustard and the salsa:

Universal Radio's portable shortwave page lists an upcoming radio called the Grundig G1100. The image for that product is immediately recognizable as the Tecsun DR-920. The Grundig G1000 was also a rebranded Tecsun DR-910. These are both analog-tuned digital-display radios with AM, FM, and several shortwave bands.

The DR-920 is nice because of its compact size, attractive design and labeling, nice speaker, and clear FM reception. It is single-conversion, though.

One of the biggest problems I've had with this radio is that the frequency display will rapidly switch between two adjacent frequencies (such as 5975 and 5976 khz), which causes the backlight to come on, increasing the battery drain. It will be interesting to see if this Grundig-branded unit has the same problem.


SETXDXER said...

I have the Tecsun DR-920 and the DR-910, too. I haven't been disappointed with either radio. I use both of them as "bedside" radios. I particularly like the dial light feature and the digit size of the DR-920. Makes it easier for my old eyes to see what frequency I'm on. I think the DR-910 is the first of several Chinese radios that I purchased on eBay.

Keep up the great blog!

weatherall said...

I appreciate your comments! The display on the BCL-2000 seems to be a similar size to the DR-920 characters, except with thicker lines. I'd be curious to know what you tune in on your DR-920. I am using it mostly for AM/FM.

Anonymous said...

Hi, we have Tecsun DR-920 which we bought in China. But we have difficulity to set the frequency since in the radio it is written Mhz and we got information from internet about the radio frequency we want to listen is in Khz.
For example : Radio stasion in Delhi is 4860Khz, how can i set our radio into this frequency ?
If possible please give us the step by step how to do it.
thanks a lot

weatherall said...


Converting a number between mhz and khz is in fact very easy. 1000 khz = 1 mhz. So 4860 khz = 4.860 mhz.