30 October 2006

shortwave summary, oct 2006 (part 5)

I wanted to do some early-morning scanning to pick up broadcasts from Asia. I used my Eton E5 and the Degen DE31 active loop antenna, and I call this my breakfast scan.

This scan was done on 21 Oct 2006 during 1552-1726 UTC. My primary source for station identifications was the EiBi A06 shortwave schedule.

5030 khz: China National Radio, SIO 454.
5955 khz: Multiple jumbled signals.
5965 khz: China Radio International in Russian, SIO 555.
6000 khz: City Sounds from Singapore, SIO 353.
6030 khz: China National Radio, SIO 252.
6145 khz: Firedrake, SIO 454.
6175 khz: China National Radio, SIO 242.
7110 khz: China National Radio, SIO 353, fading.
7190 khz: China National Radio in Japanese, SIO 454.
7305 khz: China National Radio, SIO 454.
9335 khz: Voice of Korea in French, SIO 454.
9350 khz: Radio Free Asia, SIO 454. I hear a very faint Firedrake on the same frequency, with a strength of 1.
9370 khz: Firedrake, SIO 151.
9425 khz: All India Radio, national service, middle-eastern singing with female announcer, SIO 353.
9455 khz: Firedrake, SIO 454.
9485 khz: Deutsche Welle, English to Asia, SIO 252.
9510 khz: BBC, English from Singapore, SIo 151.
9535 khz: NHK Radio Japan, Japanese to North America, SIO 555.
9570 khz: China Radio International, English to Africa, SIO 151.
9595 khz: Radio Liberty, Uzbek, SIO 151.
9680 khz: Firedrake, SIO 454.
9750 khz: Radio Japan, Japanese to Asia, SIO 353.
9790 khz: Radio Liberty, Tajik to Asia, SIO 353.
9810 khz: China National Radio, Mandarin to Asia, SIO 252.
9905 khz: Firedrake, SIO 353, targeting Radio Free Asia.
9975 khz: Sounds like Dr. Gene Scott, SIO 353. "I wish I could make every man who talked about abortion, pregnant." Reluctant laughter and applause from the audience (or should I say, congregation).
11710 khz: Voice of Korea, French, SIO 454.
11750 khz: Radio Free Asia, Uighur, SIO 232. Also hearing a click sound twice per second on this frequency.
11765 khz: Sound of Hope, SIO 212. Firedrake, strength of 3.
11830 khz: WYFR, SIO 151.
11900 khz: China Radio International, English to Asia and Africa, SIO 252.
11955 khz: BBC, English to Asia, SIO 242.
12025 khz: Radio Free Asia, Mandarin to Asia, SIO 555.
12085 khz: Not BBC as listed, sounds like calm Chinese music. SIO 353. Oops, I was wrong, the pace of the music just increased. This is Firedrake! It went off the air right at 1630 UTC like the BBC is scheduled to do.
13570 khz: WINB, SIO 151.
13675 khz: Radio Free Asia, Mandarin, SIO 313. Firedrake, strength of 2.
13695 khz: WYFR, SIO 151.
13715 khz: This is a Radio Free Asia frequency, but I don't hear it. Firedrake, SIO 353.
15130 khz: Radio Liberty, Russian to Europe, SIO 454.
15220 khz: WEWN, "Ave Maria", SIO 252.
15235 khz: Possibly Channel Africa, French to Africa. SIO 151.
15285 khz: WHRI, SIO 242, noise.
15335 khz: Radio Netherlands, Dutch to Middle East, SIO 242, noise.
15390 khz: Voice of America, Creole to Central America, SIO 454.
15475 khz: Africa Number 1, French to Africa, SIO 242.
17565 khz: Voice of America, Creole to Central America, SIO 555.
17640 khz: WHRA, SIO 555.
17735 khz: China Radio International, Arabic to Africa, SIO 444, noise.
17765 khz: Radio Canada International, French to Central America, SIO 555.
21470 khz: BBC, English to Africa via Ascension, SIO 252.

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