11 August 2006

team buying in china

As a result of my shortwave radio interest, I have an increased interest in issues related to China. Something I recently learned about through online news sources is team buying, or tuangou. This wikipedia article indicates that bargaining is a Chinese tradition.

This article on shanghaiist.com discusses the Christian Science Monitor article on team buying and mentions a couple tuangou organizing sites. Here's a similar tuangou article from the Economist.

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Eliot said...

Hi weatherall,

I thought you and your readers might like to know that theres a tuangou / team buying web site for the English speaking world now.

Its only just launched and this is admittedly a shameless plug for which I apologise: I run the site and I'm trying to ramp up user numbers quickly so we can get some team buying events going and save our users some cash! The web site is StoreMob http://storemob.com/ .

If you have any feedback on the site I'd love to hear it - thanks! Eliot