28 August 2006

the grundig g5 appears

A radio called the Grundig G5 suddenly appeared on Universal Radio's website as a future product. It looks like an Eton E5 in a black plastic enclosure.

I assume that this will be the $150 radio in the Grundig product line, and the classic G4000A (formerly called the YB400-PE) will either stay at the $100 price point as seen on the websites of resellers, or be discontinued.

I don't have any knowledge yet as to any improvements that the G5 might have over the E5. Hopefully we'll find out why there's both an Eton version and a Grundig version of what appears to be the same product. Perhaps the company feels that the Grundig brand is more marketable.

Now I'm curious if the Eton E1 will also be sold as the Grundig Satellit 900. But what color should it be?

[Update: Eton confirmed that the E5 and the G5 are identical.]

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