08 December 2005

this is radio havana calling

Tonight I found the time to listen to Radio Havana Cuba during approximately 0500-0545 UTC (09 Dec 2005). This was on 6000 khz with my Tecsun R-9012 receiver. The SIO code was a sparkling 555. Some of the major reports included:

* Rendition: The United States continues a policy of transporting terrorists to questionable locations where interrogations are held. RHC article: Legal experts say Washington's defense of rendition makes no sense.

* Waterboarding: A form of torture (in my opinion) where a detainee is strapped to a board and dunked in water. Radio Havana Cuba claims that the United States is using waterboarding during interrogations of terror suspects. A quote from the article linked above: "the Bush administration has adopted an exceedingly narrow definition of abuse and torture," in order to claim that they do not commit it.

* Banana and sugar trade: Caribbean countries are concerned about trade agreements with the European Union. An inability to export bananas and sugar would have seriously detrimental effects on the Caribbean economy. BBC Caribbean article: Bananas and sugar rows continue. EU Business article: Caribbean sugar producers press demands for better compensation from EU.

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