06 December 2005

eton update

A couple quick notes about the Eton website. First, the p7132 has been renamed to the p7136, although you will still see p7132 on the website in a couple spots. Second, the G2000 is no longer listed.

I could never find a Chinese radio manufacturer equivalent for the G2000 so I don't know where it originates. A lot of current offerings from Eton have equivalents in the Tecsun catalog.


zumzamin said...

I recently emailed Eton, also curious about the P7136. They replied that it should be availible in the first or second quarter of 2006. Does anybody else make a shortwave/satillite combo?

weatherall said...

Hi zumzamin:
As far as I know, the eton radios (E1XM, p7131, p7136) are currently the only receivers that support both shortwave and satellite radio. I'd be interested to learn of others though.