16 November 2005

radio havana cuba schedule

Thanks to the wonderful and now-free Google analytics, I discovered that someone visited this weblog looking for Radio Havana (Cuba) frequencies. Here is the current English to North America schedule to my knowledge:

0100-0500 UTC: 6000 khz, 9820 khz
0500-0700 UTC: 6000 khz, 6060 khz, 9550 khz

I believe there are some additional frequencies, including a broadcast directed at Cuba itself in the "tropical" 75 meter band and one in the 25 meter band, but the frequencies listed above are the most reliable for me. Between 0100-0500 UTC I typically encounter strong interference, so I prefer to listen during 0500-0700 UTC.

Be sure to pay prime time shortwave a visit to look up more English broadcast schedules.

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