16 July 2005


I ordered a shortwave radio, the Kaito KA1102. It hasn't arrived yet. I've wanted a shortwave receiver for a few years, and initially planned to buy a Grundig Satellit 800. However, I put it off due to the large size of the radio and the high price - $500 seemed like a lot to spend for a new hobby. So I started looking around on Amazon at shortwave radios that were recommended to me by someone, and I read the customer reviews. I found it funny that many of the reviewers wrote comments like, "Compared with the several other shortwave radios I own in this price range, this radio can do blah blah but it lacks blah." Using the Amazon reviews to guide me, I product-jumped among radios around $100, until I settled on the 1102.

Based on google queries I've done, the shortcomings of this radio are:
* inability to receive longwave (although I am fine with ignoring that for now)
* the controls are reportedly confusing, requiring frequent use of the manual

I'm looking forward to hearing what's out there. A way to easily store and retrieve my findings with my computer will hopefully come together shortly. I'd be interested in comments from anyone who has experience or interest in using shortwave receivers.

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