23 July 2005

broadcasts i've received

Using my shortwave radio, I have heard broadcasts from these stations during the past week:

* EWTN (5850 khz @ 0912 UTC) (originating in Alabama)
* Radio China International (13680 khz @ 2326 UTC) (originating in Beijing; relayed from Sackville, NB, Canada)
* Radio Havana Cuba (6000 khz @ 0510 UTC) (originating in Havana)
* Radio Netherlands (6165 khz @ 0400 UTC) (relay from Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles)
* Radio Taiwan (5950 khz @ 0355 UTC) (originating in Taipei; relayed from WYFR, unknown location)
* Radio Thailand (5890 khz @ 0302 UTC) (originating in Bangkok; relayed from Delano, California)
* World Harvest Radio (7465 khz @ 0600 UTC) (originating in Cypress Creek, South Carolina)

The times shown are when I first picked up the broadcast. These broadcasts aren't without problems due to static, fading, and interference.

The Radio Netherlands session was very brief because of poor signal quality. Once I identified the station, I tuned to something else. Curiously, the CIA World Factbook claims that as of 2004, Netherlands Antilles had 0 shortwave stations.

My latest wire antenna placement strategy is to hang the top of the antenna from a clothespin that I scotch-taped to the side of my building (as high up as I can reach).

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