06 November 2013

chu time station frequencies

Someone recently asked me why CHU, Canada's time station on three shortwave frequencies, isn't broadcasting on 7335 kHz anymore. Here are the CHU frequencies as of November 2013:

• 3330 kHz
• 7850 kHz
• 14670 kHz

I wrote those from memory but confirmed them with the CHU (radio station) Wikipedia page and NRC shortwave station broadcasts (CHU) page.

As to the frequency change from 7335 to 7850 kHz, this was due to a reallocation of the frequencies 7300-7350 kHz in 2007, which led to an increase in broadcasting interference. CHU moved to 7850 sometime in 2009. The two webpages linked above provide a lot more history and technical details for CHU.

Does anyone have, or know of, a recording of CHU on 7335 kHz that includes interference from another broadcaster?

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