27 August 2012

two new shortwave receivers from sony

Sony Asia has introduced two new AM / FM / SW receivers, the ICF-F11S and the ICF-F12S. I've just become aware of them via eBay and Twitter, although the service manual linked below is dated 2007. These radios are similar in appearance and specs, aside from shortwave coverage. F11S shortwave coverage is 2.3-7.35 MHz, and F12S shortwave coverage is a considerably more generous 5.9-18 MHz.

Sony ICF-F11S
Sony ICF-F12S

I question the usefulness of the F11S radio with nighttime shortwave coverage lacking the 31-meter band. Between these two, I would definitely opt for the F12S. But overall, the product doesn't seem to have a purpose for me.

Initially I expressed confusion via Twitter that an eBay auction for an F11S listed the SW coverage as 2.3-7.35 MHz, whereas the product photo showed a shortwave band labeled 6-18. @swlistener replied with a link to an ICF-F11S/ICF-F12S manual that shows the specs for both radios. I was unaware that the F12S existed.

EDIT: XQYZ on reddit pointed out that these radios require two D batteries. After learning that, I wanted to share the dimensions as well. Sony Asia provides dimensions of 216 x 129.8 x 68.6 mm for these radios (8.5 x 5.1 x 2.7 inches). So, these are large portables requiring large batteries, with small shortwave coverage.

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