12 December 2009

radio factory quality control

Sometimes, I wonder what it's like to work in quality control at a shortwave radio factory in China. I imagine the conversation with a new employee could go something like this:

Employee 1: "When I tune through the shortwave bands, all I can hear is loud orchestral music."
Employee 2: "That means it's working."
Employee 1: "But where does it come from? And why is it the same on so many frequencies?"
Employee 2: "Just put the QC PASS sticker on the radio, and wrap the package!"


carmen said...

my Degen came with a bnch of CNR stickers, on the radio and box.

oddly i rarely hear firedrake with it - suppose its more common on west coast

weatherall said...

Yes, that's probably true, especially right around dawn on the west coast. During 2009, Firedrake signals have been really faint when compared with previous years (especially 2006). One possible cause is that the sunspot numbers have been much lower with the solar minimum occurring in December 2008.