28 January 2009

grundig g3 appears online

Both Eton corporation and at least one online radio retailer have posted a listing for a future radio called the Grundig G3. The product photos show an identical appearance to the Eton E5 / Grundig G5. The feature list suggests an E5 / G5 with the addition of VHF band tuning (118-137 mhz), synchronous detection, and radio data system for FM.

No pricing has been announced. With the E5 / G5 previously retailing in the USA for US$150, it would be reasonable to expect a retail price in the range of US$150 - 250.

This sounds like an excellent upgrade to the E5 / G5, which traces its roots to the Degen DE1103 / Kaito KA1103. Will people still buy the Sony ICF SW7600GR after the G3 is released? That will depend primarily on retail price and the quality of the synchronous detection implementation. I am definitely looking forward to giving this new radio a spin.


Firestarter5 said...

Why didn't they install these features in the original E5? That's what makes no sense. If it was a cost saving issue...cost saving against who?..is the 7600 even made anymore?

carmen said...

i take it youre getting a complementary g3 and thats why you deleted my comments?

at least C Crane understands the importance of a nice big speaker and beefy AM ferrite, and relies on timeless quality rather than gimmicks

GrunigEton on the other hand is content sticking PL-600 in a big hunk of ugly plastic and multiply the price by 6. (speaking of the 750)

owning a 1103 mkIV and having used G5 and G6 i'm disillusioned with the entire class. theres little difference between the $35 tecsun and the 150 eton in radioshack.

the bottom line is even with a tuned anttenna its damn hard to achieve full 'quieting' thus making shortwave downright unpleasant to listen to

stick some PLL in a plastic case with no filtering or shielding and what do you expect..

weatherall said...

For the record, Grundig/Eton does not give me free or even discounted products.

Prospecticus said...

I own G5 and am pleased with it: it's what I expected. I'd like try a G6 when the price for this 2AA radio becomes right.

But although the G3 has made some improvements it isn't enough to get me to try and trade up. And the longwave and "aircraft" bands do nothing for me.
I would much rather see 2 and 6 meter amatuer bands additons, as the new CCrane is apparently doing to replace its antiquated TV band. Now that would get me interested.