08 March 2008

quotes collected during mediumwave dxing

While attempting to identify mediumwave stations in the past couple months, I write some non-identifying quotes from the radio into my log. Since I'm not ready to post my mediumwave dx results, I thought I'd share some of these quotes. Since I didn't know the callsign in every case, I'll just list the frequency. I could post a reaction to many of these, but I thought I'd let you readers have the first shot at it.

• "The show is done; you can unbuckle the seatbelt." (540 kHz)
• "It's like an almanac on crack." (550 kHz)
• "20 billion dollars worth of arms. ...precise guided weapons... moving into the Saudis' large and growing arsenal." (560 kHz)
• "Think twice before starting that food fight." (740 kHz)
• "Folks, now more than ever, we need a joint product we can trust." (770 kHz)
• "You're like a two-year-old... you just keep playing with that thing!" (860 kHz)
• "Too bad they're unable to stop their opponent from scoring!" (950 kHz)
• "You can always go to surgery as a last resort." (960 kHz)
• "We happen to do it in a studio. You can do it anywhere in America!" (970 kHz)
• "150,000 watts of pure San Diego power." (1090 kHz)
• "I've never done steroids." "No, you've just done donuts." (1120 kHz)
• "A family of twin sisters recognized by the Guinness book of world records..." (1130 kHz)
• "My brother... mi hermano." (1170 kHz)
• "You've gotta get your kids out of the government schools." (1180 kHz)
• "Who cares if you kill yourself if you're a child molester?" (1360 kHz)


Anonymous said...

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carmen said...

the quotes are pretty boring. its too bad MW has no WBCQ or WFMU. guess you cant expect much. Coast to Coast ?

whats this Disney Radio thing anyways. ive only heard about it on blogs. i dont remmeber it turning around MW last time (a couple years ago).

i did some reading of the chinese and japanese blogs/forums where pl-600s have been circulating for a month or so, it seems PL-600 is deaf off the whip compared to the E1 (nagoya_nn71's photographs), which means likely the E5/1103 as well, due to their sensitivity

comparing the schematics of the 450 and the 1103, theyre pretty similar. Sony ICs for audio. Toshiba ICs for FM Front-end and PLL. it just seems like the 1103 has the bugs fixed already, having gone through 3 revisions. where the 600 has the clunky DX440 design, is bigger, recieves images of the SW frequencies on the Air band, has the weird SYSTEM SET bug, and possibly less sensitive on SW. killer FM is well documented though.

waiting for Icom to shrunk the R75 to ipod size and add recording and MP3/Flac and a low-power FM transmitter before i think about upgrading past 1103 tho

weatherall said...

Yeah, the quotes are boring in comparison to the stations you mention. I wish I could get stronger, more reliable WBCQ signals where I am. In the evening, Coast to Coast AM is on several stations that I can receive (which has aided in identifying stations as well, thanks to C2C's affiliate listing).

What do you listen to on WFMU?

Radio Disney carries music program targeted at kids. It's a real earsore if you ask me!