09 February 2008

winter am dx is on

I'm in the early stages of a winter mediumwave (am) DX project. I just confirmed the identification of my 17th station, KOMO 1000 in Seattle, Washington, which is approximately 750 miles away. My Eton E5 is doing the heavy lifting.


iz said...

you tried indoor K9AY antennas?

check out this blog:


he's picked up every AM station in america - from europe.

i guess half-mile-long beverages will do that for ya..

weatherall said...

iz, I'll take a closer look. The arctic dx weblog is in my weblog link list on the front page.

I'd have to say that logging as many stations as possible is not really a goal. Usually I do my mediumwave dx without an external antenna. And a half-mile antenna definitely isn't practical for me in my current location!

Anonymous said...

Had a never-before pickup today. 50k Clear-Ch. WWKB Buffalo coming in strong with an "Air-America" repeat at 1:15pm. Weather conditions in So.Ma were clear and cold.
I've had some pretty good daytime DX but always in November with sundown approaching at 3pm. Buffalo is 400m NW of me.

weatherall said...

Anonymous: Excellent. What radio/antenna are you using? You should be able to get the whole east coast and much of the midwest.

If you haven't seen it already, I posted logs from a late 2006 mediumwave dx session in northern New York state:


weatherall said...

mediumwave logs, east coast, december 2006