21 November 2007

eton e1 without xm is for sale

The Eton E1 is now available in a model without XM capabilities for the price of US$399. I saw this mentioned recently in a thread posted by "Junius" in the rec.radio.shortwave usenet newsgroup.

By the way, if you have one of these radios and you use it to receive XM service, I'd be interested to hear how that is working for you!


Charlie said...

XM works ok. It seems take a bit more time tuning up to XM compared to a roadyxt.
However, it could just be that on the E1 you can spin much faster than you can click through on the roady.

Damon Cassell said...

E1 without XM has not made an appearance in channels yet, and supposedly may not.

E1XM is now available online from Circuit City for $225 -- a very good deal, but possibly a temporary price.