12 August 2007

roadside transmitter logs, july 2007

During a couple roadtrips last month, I discovered some low-power roadside AM transmitters. Using a handheld device and repeated listens of the looping messages, I logged them and will reprint them here.

* (1680 khz) This is WPPD 481 broadcasting at 1680 khz from Pescadero, California. This information radio station is brought to you by the Pescadero municipal advisory council and the Pescadero emergency preparedness committee. Funding for this station was provided by a grant from the peninsula community foundation. When possible, this broadcast will be in English and in Spanish. If you have any comments or questions about this station, or would like to have something put on the air, call Larry Lawson at 879-#### or Kay Nelson at 879-####. You can also send us email at am1680@southcoast.net.

* (1610 khz) Welcome to spectacular Point Reyes National Seashore, one of over 380 areas administered by the National Park Service. The historic lighthouse located on the Point Reyes headlands offers dramatic views of the northern California coastline during clear weather, and an opportunity to visit the over 120-year-old lighthouse. The lighthouse visitor center and bookstore are open from 10 am to 4:30 pm Thursday through Monday. The 310 steps leading down to the lighthouse are also open from 10 am to 4:30 pm Thursday through Monday, but are closed for your safety when wind speeds exceed 40 miles per hour. Weather is unpredictable and changes quickly, so bring layers of warm clothing with you if you plan to walk to the lighthouse. Traveling to the lighthouse brings you through the pastoral zone of the park and the historic alphabet ranches established in the 1850s. These ranches offer a glimpse into the past. Originally, the entire peninsula was owned by the Shasta brothers law firm in San Francisco, and they used the letters of the alphabet to keep track of the parcels they rented out to tenant ranchers. Dairy and beef ranchers included Portuguese from the Azores, Irish, Italian, and Swiss; and they put Point Reyes on the map in the 19th century as a buttermaking region. In spring and summer, the lighthouse and chimney rock are excellent wildflower viewing areas. Please remember to leave behind beautiful displays for others to enjoy. The natural resources of the seashore are world-renowned. Over 490 species of birds have been seen on the peninsula, which accounts for over 45% of the species of birds in North America. The ocean waters off the headlands are one of the six most productive and biologically diverse areas on earth. While traveling through the seashore, please take note of the 16 am signs. There are different messages throughout the park, so please tune in for additional information and education. While enjoying all of these natural wonders, please be careful while visiting the seashore. We want your visit to be a safe one. Transmitter KPB 749.

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