25 July 2007

kchibo kk-s500 available on ebay

Some readers posted recent comments about the Kchibo KK-S500, which recently appeared on eBay with a surprisingly high price. This is the first Kchibo radio (to my knowledge) with sync detect, which may explain the high price. It has a very similar appearance to the Sangean PT-80, although the screens on these two radios have different appearances.

I have a hard time imagining that the KK-S500 could be a lot more valuable than the Degen 1103. Take a look at the KK-S500 auctions on eBay and note the absence of phrases like "from one of the best radio factories in China" and "from the makers of the famous ###### model".


Anonymous said...

First review in, and although he liked the radio I can't see how it will beat out the kaitos and their derivatives. s500 is pricey and no ssb.
The s7600, probably the kchibo version of the famous Sony model of the same number, has an first (for a portable) that I know of: a remote.
But its probably not at a good price and I don't know of a release date: maybe I'll ask V-vom?

memm said...

I bought one. Haven't received the English instructions as promised on eBay yet. It also came without Chinese instructions.

The radio isn't bad, sometimes (not often) it even produced a better signal than the E5 (both using the built-in whip).

I haven't had time to try it a lot yet, but so far there was no station where the Sync Lock improved reception