01 October 2005

focus on the bbc

One of my friends, briton-american Simon Carless, revealed that he is a reader of this weblog. In the spirit of knowing one's audience (and perhaps testing their sense of humor), I'd like to take a jab at the BBC.

As stipulated in previous posts, receiving the BBC on a shortwave radio in North America is a fluke. Since July 1, 2001, the BBC has not directed shortwave broadcasts to North America (as seen on savebbc.org).

In northern California, I listen to the BBC on broadcasts intended for Central America, Africa, and Asia. Here are some brief reception reports:

03 Sep 2005 1000 UTC: 6195 khz (via Singapore, to Asia) SIO: 233
05 Sep 2005 0222 UTC: 5975 khz (*1) SIO: 454
10 Sep 2005 0024 UTC: 5975 khz (*1) SIO: n/a
20 Sep 2005 0327 UTC: 5975 khz (*1) SIO: 353
20 Sep 2005 0329 UTC: 7120 khz (via South Africa, to Africa) SIO: 343
21 Sep 2005 0653 UTC: 6005 khz (via Ascension Island, to Africa) SIO: 454
22 Sep 2005 0310 UTC: 5975 khz (*1) SIO: 433
22 Sep 2005 0314 UTC: 7120 khz (via South Africa, to Africa) SIO: 422 ... 0420 UTC: SIO: 444

*1: via French Guiana, to Central America

The broadcast on 6005 khz actually annoys me because it seems to contribute interference to Radio Havana Cuba on 6000 khz. Conversely, if 6000 khz is active, it could cause interference on 6005 khz. The 7120 khz broadcast is the most interesting because it provides African news, but it's a less-than-perfect signal. The broadcast on 5975 khz is dull, mainstream news.

Edit: Here's a quote from the BBC on 7120 khz, where a person mentions a cultural difference in Kenya regarding people complimenting each other. "We don't say thank you for a compliment, we agree with it."


Firestarter5 said...

Just curious. What do these figures mean on your posts?:

SIO: 233

weatherall said...

Hi firestarter5:
I'm glad you asked! This is a "strength/interference/overall" code that describes the signal quality. An expanded form of this code is SINPO, for "strength/interference/noise/propagation/overall". A good place to read about it is here: